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Window/Glass Vac Kit


With the black & decker window/glass washer kit, you can say goodbye to smears, streaks and spillages around the home. simply spray water onto a surface, wipe clean with the washable micro-fibre pad, and then vacuum with this versatile cordless cleaner, leaving windows, mirrors and shower screens clean and dry in seconds. no separate water bottles, heads or attachments are required.

  • Suction squeegee avoids drips of dirty water
  • Lithium battery gives >20 minutes run time allows the task to be completed in one charge.
  • 360 visibility of the dirty water tank to identify when the unit is full and needs emptying to avoid leaks.
  • Lithium battery powered, high performance unit gives streak free cleaning across a wide range of applications
  • Can be used with a range of washing up liquids and window cleaning solutions.
  • The premium kit comes with an additional 170mm squeegee head accessory in addition to the 280mm standard squeegee head.
  • Quick and easy to empty, simply pull the stopper on the dirty water tank and empty dirty water into a sink
  • Rotating head allows easy transition between spraying, cleaning and vacuuming
  • Light weight and easy to handle cordless window & glass vacuum cleaner
  • USB charger, charges in under 4 hours
  • Total task completion with this all in one unit, with the detergent spray, microfibre pad and suction squeegee all on board.
  • Charge indicator lights up whilst the unit is charging
  • Fully removable battery pack to allow easy and safe cleaning of the unit.

  • Specification:
  • COLOUR White/Blue
  • Uses:
  • Ideal to vacuum windows, conservatories, tiles, condensation, mirrors and shower screens.
  • The vaccum can be used horizontally on tables, counter tops, cars, and to pick up up to 100ml of spills.

Micro USB charge cable||On board washable microfibre pad||280mm squeegee head||On board detergent spray trigger||170mm squeegee head