36V 2.0Ah 4-in-1 Cordless Allergy POWERSERIES Extreme™ Vacuum Cleaner

36V 2.0Ah 4-in-1 Cordless Allergy POWERSERIES Extreme™ Vacuum Cleaner

  • Battery charge indicator - displays the remaining charge so you know when the battery is running low and it's time to recharge
  • Three-speed setting - use the low and medium speeds for everyday cleaning and extra run time, while the high speed can be used for a maximum deep clean
  • Powered anti-tangle beater bar - Designed for deep, powerful clean with close to zero hair wrap. Virtually no need to remove and disentangle hair
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Product Overview

Powerseries ™ extreme 36v is equipped with a removable lithium battery compatible with black + decker's 36v garden products. guarantees up to 78 minutes on a single charge and is designed to clean large spaces quickly, easily and efficiently. the innovative anti-tangle brush offers a deep and powerful cleaning while minimizing the risk of tangling of hair and dander. the three-speed settings allow you to vary the suction power to suit the cleaning job to be done. the high-speed setting allows deep cleaning even on the carpet. the container has a high capacity, it is easy to empty with a simple click without coming into contact with dust and dirt.

Additional Features

  • Twist and clean filter - Beat out the dirt by means of a unique "pepper grinder" feature. Keeps your filter cleaner for longer to maintain optimum performance
  • Transparent 750ml easy empty bowl - Easy to see when it needs emptying - just take it to the bin and pop the dirt out in one easy move. No need to touch the dirt


  • (1) 36V 2.0Ah accu
  • (1) 3IN1 Lader


Battery Capacity
2 Ah
Product Weight [Metric]
3.4 Kg
Charge Time
5 hour(s)
Power Source


2 Year Limited Warranty

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